My First Post

Big Families Travel too!!! I'm starting a blog! (inhale) Who am I...I'm a wife (my Al), mom (of 6 boys), grandma (1 girl) auntie (1 niece, 3 nephews & 2 cats), daughter, sister and manager. My life is fast, complicated, exciting, and busy. Despite the daily to do list, Sam Club runs, and multiple games; I love it all. I do all of the crazy things so that I can travel with my family. Growing up I would go on a family vacation with my cousin every summer to Myrtle Beach.  Later we would take our kids. I finally understood why it was so important for them to take us on vacation.  It was the reset, the laughs, adventure, the LOVE. What I love most is traveling with my family. Our family vacation to Myrtle Beach inspired me to be a travel agent.  I love to see families travel together and experience new things together.  

The question I get all the time is "how do you and your big family of travel?"  Well, big families can travel too!  Big black and brown families can travel too!  Not just to our common vacation spots but, out of the county! It can be done. It just takes more planning. You need a good plan and patience. My goal at MooreTravel is to design vacations and trips that spark love, adventure, and family. 

My goal is to get more of us traveling! Leaving home and enjoying new views, food, and people.  In the US and aboard! Are you ready???